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How do you think about Counseling, Christian?

Posted onJune 16, 2022 | by: Tom Wyckoff | 0 comments

What comes to your mind when you think about the word “counseling” or “counselor”? Maybe you think of your high school guidance counselor. For many of us come connotations of therapy, psychology, clinical practice, or perhaps an aesthetically soothing office where problems are shared. A wide-angel but biblical view of counseling But from a biblical worldview, counseling is not limited to what we often think of as professional counseling done by experts – with formal offices or state licenses. Heath Lambert gives a helpful summary: “Counseling is a conversation where one party with questions, problems or trouble seeks assistant from someone they believe has answers, solutions and help.”[i] ...Keep Reading

Grateful in 2020

Posted onNovember 25, 2020 | by: | 0 comments

“2020.” For many, that single word “2020” has become the humorous joking (but not really joking) equivalent for “the year that can’t get any worse,” or “the year in which anything bad can and will happen.” Whether humorous internet memes or deeply lamenting hearts, 2020 has been a year with extra stress and exhaustion. It has been a year with significant riots and social protests, a year with a deeply divided election, and of course, a year where so much attention has surrounded the COVID-19 Coronavirus. No wonder many people are worn out!...Keep Reading

Devotions on Heaven

Posted onJune 23, 2020 | by: Dan Reinhold | 0 comments

“It becomes us to spend this life only as a journey toward heaven . . . to which we should subordinate all other concerns of life. Why should we labor for or set our hearts on anything else, but that which is our proper end and true happiness.” ...Keep Reading

Count it all Joy (Trials Part 5)

Posted onJune 5, 2020 | by: | 0 comments

remember hearing one preacher say, “just because someone is experiencing trials in life, does not mean we should immediately quote James 1:2 to them.” That is good counsel. When Mary and Martha were weeping at the death of Lazarus, Jesus did not flippantly tell them to “count it all joy.” On the contrary, he wept with them. If we are quick to give simplified answers to complex suffering, it is helpful to remember Jesus’ powerful ministry of presence and empathy with hurting people. Nevertheless, James 1 is an amazing passage that must also shape our view of trials and suffering. ...Keep Reading

Trials Produce Maturity

Posted onMay 21, 2020 | by: | 0 comments

“Yes, but how?” It is a question I often write in the margin of books I’m reading because spiritual truth that remains cognitive, or that fails to come all the way home to personal application, is not God’s design. Rather than being hearers only, we want to be hearers and doers of the word! We want to affirm truth ...Keep Reading

Trials Part 3

Posted onMay 8, 2020 | by: | 0 comments

That which is most necessary for the health of the church today, is the very thing God promises to produce and build into our character through the testing of our faith. Do you know what it is? James chapter 1 provides the answer! ...Keep Reading

Dealing with Our Emotions

Posted onMay 1, 2020 | by: Brad Thompson | 0 comments

What are some different emotions that we experience as humans? Sorrow, grief, guilt, anger, fear, anxiety, gratitude, joy, and happiness are many common emotions that we experience. How do we deal with these more difficult emotions - such as grief, guilt, anger, fear, and anxiety? Do we try to suppress or ignore them, hoping that they will go away over time? Do we try to deny that we are worried or angry about a particular situation? Do we blame someone or something else for the way we feel? ...Keep Reading

Trials Part 2

Posted onApril 27, 2020 | by: | 0 comments

Trials are an inescapable experience in life. As you read this, you can probably reflect on painful experiences, watershed events, and significant disappointments or heartaches that have shaped your life. In the last post we saw that we shouldn’t be surprised. Jesus plainly taught that “in this world you will have tribulation.” James chapter 1 also makes it clear that various kinds of trials are an inevitable part of life. ...Keep Reading

Thinking about Trials

Posted onApril 23, 2020 | by: | 0 comments

Has your faith and patience been tested over the last week? Our expectations for travel, for summer, and for daily and weekly rhythms have all had to shift. And while we don’t want to nurse selfish discontentment or disappointment, it’s fair to say that these recent weeks have brought trials into your life. Trials test us, shape us, and refine us for God’s glory. ...Keep Reading