Dealing with Our Emotions

May 1, 2020 | by: Brad Thompson | 0 comments

What are some different emotions that we experience as humans? Sorrow, grief, guilt, anger, fear, anxiety, gratitude, joy, and happiness are many common emotions that we experience. How do we deal with these more difficult emotions - such as grief, guilt, anger, fear, and anxiety? Do we try to suppress or ignore them, hoping that they will go away over time? Do we try to deny that we are worried or angry about a particular situation? Do we blame someone or something else for the way we feel?

The book of Psalms is a very helpful and practical book for learning how to deal with all of the ups and downs of life in a God honoring way. No other book of the Bible expresses the full range of human emotion so fully. The Psalms teach us how to be honest with God, while simultaneously reverent - expressing our emotions in a way that trusts, honors, and glorifies God.

I encourage you to read through the book of Psalms, especially if you are prone to discouragement and defeat. There is a great opportunity for you to dig into the Psalms with others. Pastor Dan is doing a “Psalm a Day through the Month of May,” starting with Psalm 45. You can read along through the Psalms and check out a short video by Pastor Dan that reflects on the Psalm for that day (see the link below).

As you read through the psalms, it may be helpful to write down those things that you see. How does the Psalm start off and how does it end? How does the character of God impact the psalmist’s thinking? How are the different emotions of the psalmist expressed and dealt with? What is the cause of joy and happiness? Then consider how your own feelings are reflected in the Psalmist’s words. As you begin to make those connections and see how the psalmist relates to God in the ups and downs of life, this can serve as a great help to you in expressing your emotions in way that trust, honors, and glorifies God.


“A Psalm a Day through May” video by Dan Reinhold


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