Sunday Sermon and Songs

Sunday, September 15th
What Do We Need If We Are to Be Used by God?
Isaiah 6:1-13

Sunday, September 8th

Our Urgent Need of Self-Awareness
Isaiah 1:1-31

1) Come Christians Join to Sing

2) Immortal, Invisible

3) He Will Hold Me Fast

4) This the Power of the Cross

5) Give Us Clean Hands


Sunday, September 1st

Navigating Controversies
Titus 3:9-15

1) How Rich a Treasure We Possess

2) Only a Holy God

3) As the Deer

4) Ancient Words

5) In Christ Alone


Sunday, August 25th

Living In This World But Not For This World
Titus 3:1-8

1) Glorious Christ

2) My Worth is Not in What I Own

3) Behold Our God

4) Speak O Lord

5) It is Well


Sunday, August 18th

1) Hope of Nations

2) In Christ Alone

3) O to Be Like Thee

4) Show Us Christ

5) Blessed Assurance