Reopening Guidelines

Dear UBC family,

As we reopen in-person services, our board has prepared guidelines that are in line with the state recommendations for reopening. We even held a "practice" service with board members to try them out in person and make adjustments as needed.

Below are the guidelines that we have put in place. You can also view this video that walks you through what to expect. You need to expect some things to be a little different to comply with the guidelines established by federal and state health officials. You may personally feel that these steps are unnecessary or awkward, but I encourage you to be mindful of those who feel differently. If you attend in person, we ask that you commit to honoring the guidelines that we have in place.

  1. A greeter wearing a facemask will welcome you at the door and open the door for you. It’s easiest if a household comes in together at the same time, so please keep your kids with you as you arrive at the front door.
  2. Masks are optional but they will be available along with hand sanitizer in the lobby.
  3. Please refrain from physical contact, including hugging and shaking hands, but give lots of smiles and waves!
  4. In order to limit physical contact, we will not hand out bulletins or pass the offering bag. Bulletins and sermon notes will be set out on chairs prior to the worship services. An offering box will be available at the rear of the worship center.
  5. In order to avoid crowding in the lobby that will make it difficult to comply with social distancing, you will be encouraged to proceed through the lobby to the worship center.
  6. We have set up chairs in the worship center in “islands.” An usher will direct your household to a group of seats, starting with the front of the worship center.
  7. Once you have been seated, please remain seated until the service is over. Unfortunately, that works against many of the things we prize on Sunday mornings – catching up with others, praying for them, fellowshipping, and welcoming new people. However, it becomes very difficult to maintain 6 ft spacing in the worship center if people are moving around. You are encouraged to fellowship before and after the service outside the facility.
  8. Bathrooms will be available but you are encouraged to use the bathroom at home prior to the service.
  9. If you do have to leave the worship center to attend to a child or use the bathroom, please use the closest exit to your seat, including the doors to the front of the worship center on either side.
  10. Drinking fountains and the church kitchen will not be available.
  11. Be very attentive to your health. Those who are feeling sick should remain home and watch the service online.
  12. When the service is over, you will be dismissed by rows starting with the back of the worship center. Once again, please avoid crowding in the lobby. The best place to visit and catch up with people is outside.