Register for a Service

We're using a free service called Eventbrite to allow people to sign up for one of our three weekend services: Saturday at 7 pm, Sunday morning at 8:30 or 11:00 am. Select as many tickets as there are people in your household that will attend the service. There is no cost for a ticket.  It simply helps us spread people out evenly between the three services.

Click here to sign up for a service and then click on "Register." You will be able to see the number of tickets remaining for each service. Select the number of tickets you need for your household and click "Register." It should show a cost of zero dollars.

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might be wondering about:

Why do we need three services?

In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, we had to spread out the chairs in our worship center. This only allows us to have about 1/3 the normal amount of chairs. Based on the feedback from the survey we conducted last week, there would have been just enough room for the 8:30 service but not even close to enough room for the 11:00 am service.

Why did the board choose Saturday night for another service rather than adding a third service on Sunday?

We looked at several different options for a third service, including Sunday morning and Sunday evening. Sunday morning didn’t give us enough time to adequately clean the facility between services. Sunday evening would have been challenging for worship team volunteers who would practice Saturday evening (the usual practice time), play two services Sunday morning and then come back for a third service Sunday night. We also thought that Sunday at 8:30 am and Sunday night would likely appeal to the same crowd but Saturday night may be a better fit for those who would prefer not to be out Sunday night before starting work or school on Monday.

Will the services still be available online?

Yes! We plan to still have the services available on YouTube and Facebook, although we are working on a process for streaming them live as they happen rather than prerecording them with an empty room. Don’t be surprised if there are a few technological glitches on the first Sunday as we work it out.

Why do I need to sign up for a service? Can’t I just show up?

Because of our limited space, we need to be able to spread people out between 3 services. If the numbers naturally fell evenly between the three services, a sign up wouldn’t be necessary. However, we don’t know if that will happen or if the majority of people will show up all at the same time. We plan to leave a little bit of extra space available at each service to accommodate new visitors that may show up, but those that regularly call UBC home can significantly help our planning by signing up in advance.

Do I need to print off and bring my ticket from Eventbrite?

Nope! Just register so that we can have an accurate count, but no need to bring anything from your registration.

What if I sign up for a service and then end up not being able to come? Do I need to contact someone?

No problem. We know that unexpected things come up. There isn’t a need to cancel your tickets. But be mindful that there are a limited number of tickets per service so only sign up if you’re fairly sure that’s the service you want to attend.

Will every service be the same?

Yes, the worship music and sermon will be the same at all three services. There may be some different worship team members that rotate through if they are unable to be at all three services, but the essential content will be the same.

Will we have to sign up every week?

We don’t really know yet. It could be that people will start to naturally fall into one of the services and we won’t need to continue with registrations. Eventually, Lord willing, things will get back closer to normal and we will be able to accommodate more people at each service and can go back to holding two services. According to the stages of reopening, we don’t expect that to happen until at least the first of July.

Check out the Reopening Guidelines page on our website for a description and a video that explains what you can expect as we apply the guidelines to maintain 6 ft distance.