Men's Training

Equipping the men of UBC in the truth for maturity, leadership, and ministry within the church and home.

Our Goal

  • sporlab-XiZ7pRvCzro-unsplash-2Every disciple obeying the Lord (Matt 28:20)

  • Every saint equipped for ministry (Eph 4:12),

  • Every believer presented mature in Christ (Col 1:28)

  • Faithful men trained to lead in the church (2 Tim 2:2).

Our Plan

MT is a weekly training time for men who desire to grow in the Truth of God. It is open to any man who aspires to grow in his life as a spiritual leader and any man who aspires to the offices of church leadership. The time together includes both teaching and discussion. Mandatory but limited homework is assigned.

Our study this spring will be a Bible-Unit surveying all 13 New Testament letters of Paul.  These letters proclaim the gospel, unpack rich theology, and equip us in the practical walk of christian life and ministry.

Those who come and invest will know (by the end of our study) the basic background, themes, and content of every Pauline book; and have a working framework and familiarity of key issues and important theology in each of these letters.

Join us Tuesday Mornings @ 6 am in the UBC Fellowship Hall as we seek to develop and strengthen godly spiritual depth in character and convictions together. We will think deeply about truth, strengthen one another’s other’s faith, and seek to serve Christ and the Church with greater zeal.

Men's Training starts on Tuesday, February 2nd.