Our History

University Bible Church (UBC) was founded in the fall ofA-frame 2 1989 as an extension of the former Pocatello Bible Church. During the summer of 1989 we purchased and remodeled the former St. Andrew’s Chapel on the Idaho State University campus. We began with a group of around 30 people with a vision to worship God and to reach the ISU campus and our community for Christ.

From the beginning we saw the need:

  • To spiritually nurture the individuals and families who choose to join us in our mission
  • To reach Idaho State University and our community with the gospel of Christ
  • To provide a Biblical worldview in an environment of conflicting theories and alternative lifestyles
  • To equip our members and students for a life of service for Christ regardless of their chosen profession
  • To be a training center to equip people for both volunteer and full-time ministries

The church grew and we went to two and then three ISU film theaterservices in our small chapel. In 1999 we began renting the ISU film theater for our Sunday morning worship service. We moved into our current facility in Chubbuck in March of 2010. We kept our campus chapel in order to facilitate our ongoing college ministries.


One of the ways God has used University Rotator_Chubbuck buildingBible Church (and the former Pocatello Bible Church) has been to raise up full-time Christian workers. Approximately 70 of our former members have gone into pastoral and missionary ministries. Several have gone through our pastoral apprenticeship program where they served on our church staff while they completed their seminary studies. Just as significant is the fact that we have former students working in a wide range of professions and living as godly representatives of Jesus Christ all over the world. We are now seeing some of their sons and daughters attending ISU and becoming a part of our fellowship.