Adult Ministries

Adult Bible Fellowships

Our Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am - 10:30 am. They will help you learn about the Bible and the basics of the Christian life in a setting that encourages questions and discussion. Adult Bible Fellowships will help you to get to know others in the church by providing additional times of fellowship after class. A safe, loving nursery is provided during all classes. We also have a Sunday School program for pre-k through 12th grade during classes. 


Everyone experiences conflict because everyone is a sinner relating to other sinners. Since conflict is inevitable, the question is, "how are we going to deal with conflict?" This class will walk through a Biblical perspective on conflict resolution.    

This class will run December 5th - February 27th  

 - Taught by Dan Reinhold in the Fellowship Hall

The Upper Room

The Upper Room discourse is a treasured portion of Scripture by many Christians and for good reason! In John 13-16 Jesus fellowships with, teaches, strengthens, and encourages His disciples in the upper room of a home during the final hours before His death. We'll focus on the second half (chapters 15-16) where Jesus instructs us regarding ministry, mutual love for one another, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and more! Some of the most tender and comforting words of Jesus are found in these chapters.

This class will run December 5th - February 27th

- Taught by Tom Wyckoff in the Worship Center

Focus on Prayer

For the month of December we will focus on prayer in the New Testament. May God use it in our lives that we would be more powerful and effective in prayer. 

This class will run December 5th - February 27th 

- Taught by Harley Bennet in the Adult Education Room