Adult Ministries

Adult Bible Fellowships

Our Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am - 10:30 am. They will help you learn about the Bible and the basics of the Christian life in a setting that encourages questions and discussion. Adult Bible Fellowships will help you to get to know others in the church by providing additional times of fellowship after class. A safe, loving nursery is provided during all classes. We also have a Sunday School program for pre-k through 12th grade during classes. 

How Does the Gospel Change Me? 

One author writes: "Faith allows people to think differently as they receive the knowledge of God from his Word, to want differently as they begin to value what God loves, and to choose differently as they commit themselves to what he says is worthy" (J. Pierre). The Bible teaches how the gospel transforms our entire perspective in life. Literally, we are "new creations" in Christ. The incredible truth about the gospel is that Jesus saves us from our sin and saves us to become just like Him. Join us for a new series that will consider such concerns as: 

  • What is the root source of our problems and how does the gospel fix it? 
  • How does God's Word define and explain the functional design of our new life in Christ?
  • When family or friends come to me for help, how can I listen "Biblically" and give faithful counsel leading them to depend more on God's wisdom?

This class will also be available via Zoom. Please call the church office at 208-234-1971 or email for the Zoom login information. 

This class will run March 7th - May 23rd 

 - Taught by Kevin Pettit in the Worship Center

Genesis 1-11: The Primeval History 

This class wil be an in-depth look at the first eleven chapters of Genesis and will cover key passages concerning creation, the fall into sin, the flood, and the Towel of Babel. Please join us as we look at these foundational chapters that set the stage for the rest of Scripture.

This class will run March 7th- May 23rd

- Taught by Harley Bennett in the Fellowship Hall