Adult Ministries

Adult Bible Fellowships

Our Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am - 10:30 am. They will help you learn about the Bible and the basics of the Christian life in a setting that encourages questions and discussion. Adult Bible Fellowships will help you to get to know others in the church by providing additional times of fellowship after class. A safe, loving nursery is provided during all classes. We also have a Sunday School program for pre-k through 12th grade during classes. 

Defending the Faith: Christian Apologetics

Does the need for faith mean there aren’t good reasons to believe that Christianity is true? Christian thinkers through the ages have never shied away from engaging difficult challenges and defending the faith with thoughtful reasoning. This class will delve into philosophy, science, and history as we consider arguments for and against Christian belief and build our intellectual confidence in the faith.

This class will run September 18th - November 27th  

 - Taught by Ben Ledford in the Fellowship Hall

Parenting with Purpose

How do we bring our children up "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord?" What does that look like at different ages and stages of life? This class will cover a biblical perspective on the challenges and responsibilities of parenting, including disciplining without provoking, passing on the faith, navigating technology, and more. It will be co-taught by Dan Reinhold and Loren Alldrin and will include several panel discussions with other parents.

This class will run September 4th - November 27th

- Taught by Dan Reinhold and Loren Alldrin in the Worship Center

Bible Study & Small Group Leadership 

Would you like to get more out of you Bible study time? Have you ever considered leading a small group? Join us this fall for a “Bible Study & Small Group Leadership” class. This adult bible fellowship is a hands-on, small group style class where we will discuss the principals of observation, interpretation, and application as you study your Bible, why small groups are important, group dynamics, and various other facets of small group leadership while applying what we learn as we study the book of James.

This class will run September 4th - November 27th

- Taught by Brandon Lee in the Adult Education Room